Doesn't it all sound ugly?

CEN reports how
MEMBERS of Forward in Faith are set to hold a special one-day national assembly in London tomorrow (Saturday) immediately after the closing of the
General Synod in London today. The traditionalists, fiercely opposed to women’s ordination, will debate their next moves against female bishops in the light of
this week’s decisions at the church’s parliament.

I suppose the language with which the opposition is described doesn't help. I do understand the male headship thing - you have to sit fairly and squarely under the authority of scripture in order to understand some people's misinterpretation of those problem passages. I think I can almost recognise that point of view as having some integrity. The integrity lies in the fact that those opponents sincerely hold their beliefs - this is a decision that they have made from the way that they read scripture and they are sticking to it. I can, with a stiff work-out of my empathy muscles, understand their point of view, even if it is not my point of view. But what it must look like to the world...well, quite frankly it must look absolutely ridiculous. How could it not otherwise. That some clergy and lay people do not think that a woman can be ordained or consecrated, that they are somehow not a legitimate expression...well...it can't be doing much to help spread the gospel to the unchurched. Jesus' ministry was so radical for being so inclusive. He suppered with thieves and prostitutes, served the diseased and the demon-possessed, allowed himself to be anointed by a woman, have his resurrection body be witnessed by women and chastised Martha who wanted her sister to help her in the kitchen rather than assume the position of a student learning from her rabbi. If Jesus came back today, I'm pretty sure he would be the first to accept the bread and wine of the love feast from a woman. Why can't all those who object simply ask themselves WWJD? It could all be that simple.

I am aware that the image is a strange one, Jesus, THE body and blood, eating 'the body and blood' - it woudn't need to happen if he actually came back, but you know what I mean....

It might happen though, afterall, he was baptised so maybe he'd allow himself to be fed with the eucharist too..(.just thinking aloud...)

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Peter Kirk said...

This makes me wonder, did Jesus eat the bread and drink the wine at the Last Supper? Matthew 26:29, Mark 14:25, and especially Luke 22:15-16 makes me think that he did, that this was the last food he ate and wine he drank. Any other opinions?


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