Yiex - exams...

I have exams coming up on Christology in Philippians 2:5-11 and on the early Church Fathers - here comes a somewhat stressful 3 weeks - it's how to revise whilst also seeing to the family's needs and Church commitments. There just aren't enough hours in the day - I could do with not going to college in order to revise for college - ridiculous!

Anyway - getting there - and the pressure certainly gets you reading. I guess I would be reading up in these areas without the deadlines - but the deadlines help. You don't procastinate so much but you don't relax so much either. It's kind of ironic that sometimes you've got your nose so stuck in books about the beauty of God that you fail to partake in the events that might have brought you to experience the beauty of the living God all around you - so that decisions to go on a walk with your family in the beautiful crisp sunshine of a perfect winter's day are replaced with all four members of the family, united, but in something less exciting - all completeing our homework at the dining room table - there are probably more households than we realise who all do homework together, including mum and dad. This afternoon Franny was phonics blending, Hermione was learning spellings, dadddy was writing IT reports and mummy was revising. Oh well, there's a beauty of shared experiences, I guess.

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