Postmodern God

The more that I think about it, the more that I realise that our unchanging God is very post-modern.

As well as studying the Bible, we should focus too on what God is doing today through Jesus. When I speak of a postmodern God, I speak of a God who sets his characters in motion, in the Bible and today and then has their lives slowly unfold. Our Bible contains characters who take varied and winding paths. The pathways are so diverse. God presents us with the story of Himself and us and our relationship over time but his story speaks into our lives in so many different ways. There is no one way to interpret the Bible. The story of Daniel will speak to me in one way and to another person in quite another way. God is big enough to let go of his characters, he doesn't force us to find a particular and fixed meaning.

The story hasn't finished. It goes on and on and on....

Okay, let me explain and these are rambling thoughts that came to me in the shower before church this morning. We would never tell our children the story of Little Red Riding Hood and stop at the point where the wolf gobbles up Grandma, no we always continue the story on to the point where she is brought back to life by the efforts of the woodman. Neither would we leave Hansel and Gretal being fattened up in the cage, we instead read on to their eventual reunion with their parents.

Therefore, we should, of course, be a church which focuses on the cross - no doubt, but shouldn't we focus more on the empty tomb?

Nouslife blog has caused me to wonder whether the cross hanging around our neck is perhaps just one choice, how about someone developing an empty tomb icon. Would you wear one of these?

So the story is continuing to unfold. Revelation didn't finish with the Bible. God will always be a God of sometimes new and surprising things. Let's celebrate this and let go like God. Look for God's work in the world, don't walk past all the burining bushes which surround you. Be open to the Spirit, to prophesy, to new revelations, be discerning, of course but not closed-minded.

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