Contemplating Christ: Logos, today has been mind-blowing intellectually but spiritually, exciting. To see common grace at work in the pre-existent Christ making his ways known to the whole world who have of course on the whole distorted them and failed to recognise him as Lord and set up other idols in His place, is actually very humbling. Christians can't claim that they have it all sorted, the Old Testament bears witness to it and the New Testament too and time. Our churches are setting up reflections of Jesus that aren't quite Jesus and we will never, of course, understand Jesus until we meet him face to face.

But what love, what amazing love is demonstrated by our God who has so desperately wanted to communicate with us, the creatures that he made in his image, through his Son and oh how very much in need we are of his grace. It is a sheer hunger that needs feeding, this desire to know him more and more and that in itself is God-given.

A good day!

Thank you, if I do not often say it, to all the people who are reading these rambling thoughts and responding to them and showing me the light of the gospel, Christ-given and dwelling-in-you.


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