The nativity play is too religious!?


Well, my daughters' school has decided that because parents have complained that the nativity play is too religious, by its being held in the local church, that a change of venue has had to occur. Well, someone has to do something. Obviously we didn't want to boycott the production and it was a reenactment of the biblical account, even if the sheep were rather bolshy and the wise men a little confused as regards the actual location of the stable. It was the first year that both our daughters featured, one as a robed-up chorister and the other as one of the cutest angels you've ever seen. So we took our seats obediently in the chairs of the community centre rather then the pews of the church. BUT we were equipped. We made up T shirts that looked very unassuming from the front but from the back read 'Jesus is the reason for the season' and 'Christ is for life not just for Christmas'. I guess we couldn't predict what the fall-out would be but God is good and because of our T-shirt testimonies, I was greeted by another parent who is also a Christian and has a position on the council whereby funds can be made available to youthclubs and initiatives can be supported and prayed for. I would never have had the conversation if it hadn't been for the T-shirt. We will now meet to discuss how we can bring Youth together from all across Derby in some way. Fantastic!

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