15 minutes to go...Happy New Year

Well, we have got 'little-uns' - the days of New Year's Eve parties are a thing of the past and possibly a thing for the future...one day.

Resolutions... one or two.

Just happy for a good year and look forward to the one to come - praise God - we're all still here and the family are healthy and happy and life is good. There's no real faith-significance to this evening only that it does perhaps cement for me the idea that faith in God wipes our slates clean - justification - we are truly loved - the secular world thinks its slate is wiped by the ending of the year and they get to start over. All new beginnings are good, I think being Christians, we dwell on new beginnings more profoundly every day and so the New Year celebrations mean less for us but nevertheless, I raise a glass to you all everywhere and wish you a Happy New Year and many blessings...

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