A word about the transcript of Peter Ould's lecture on 'Post-gay'

Well, I've had the go-ahead, that what I typed up, as Peter spoke yesterday, at the College lecture is accurate. It's always best to check really, in case you misrepresent people. So I'll post the lecture above.

I'll try to make it as readable as I can. I need to remember more precisely the specific literature he referred to penned by Jeffery John.

I need to remember his responses to my questions but I'm pleased with what I've captured of the lecture so far.

I invite you to comment on some of the things which were said. There are certainly aspects which raise issues for me. I'm not sure to what extent I agree with some of the theology. All I'm going to do for now is give you exactly what I heard and draw your attention to parts that I have had to go away and really think about. You won't know for now whether I agree or disagree (you might guess, because you've made assumptions about me due to the blog's content), but I'll fill you in on my own thoughts in a few days once I've mulled some things over.

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