Those Christian home-schooling moms

I am in blog rings with American Christians and for my women bishops essay have had to read Wayne Grudem (AHHH!) and books which explain 'Foundations for the Family' and how home-schooling and wifely obedience to their headship husbands will help to cure our society of some of its ills - 'broken hearts, dull marriages...rebellious kids...couples merely living together ...and homosexuality'. Many American Christian blogs question the churches teaching the merits of such an agenda. In principle (deontologically to use the new vocabulary from my latest college module! Probably incorrectly though!) this all seems well and good but (consequentially) the results aren't always happy balanced homes. Evangelical marriages end in a great number of divorces compared with the marriages of people in other Christian streams and many of the 'homemaker moms' suffer depression and ill-health as Molly at Adventures in Mercy will testify.

I just know I would find it very hard to stay home all day and night and educate my children in every area of the curriculum until they're 18 - I'm not even sure it would be possible. I know that we are called not to be of the world but we are called to be in it and unless we understand our world as it actually is I'm not sure we will be in the best position to be co-workers with God and help advance his kingdom into it inch by inch. Children need to understand the bible - absolutely but they also need to understand the world they will inhabit when they leave home. Some of these homemaker moms teach a very narrow curriculum - bible centred and creationist.

How do their bodies manage to cary so many kids!! See video below, which is of course, very 'tongue in cheek'.

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