A modern creed in a 140 characters (Oh no - I've been tagged and must tag five more...)

I've never been tagged before, but because it came my way from Jane, who is brill, I couldn't decline so I'm hoping fellow bloggers won't consider it too much an imposition.

See http://lingamish.wordpress.com/2008/11/20/tweet-creed-meme/

I tagged Jody Radical Evangelical, Tim Goodbody, Crunch at Churchianity, David Rudel and Maggie Dawn


jody said...

here's mine rach


Jane said...

Brilliant Rachel Thanks and I'm so glad you've tagged Maggi - I was hoping someone would - and have you seen David Ker really likes your blog - you've got a lingy award!

Rachel said...

Thanks for letting me know Jane - chuffed to bits - my little 'oscar' moment - I enjoyed writing the acceptance speech!!
Love Rachel


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