If you're a bit all three water-courses, then perhaps you're better to describe yourself ' a mercedes benz' kind of evangelical

The Mercedes-Benz logo.

It could be seen as illustrative of...CEEC... as it is meant to be - rather than as it appears at the moment - ie fully representative of evangelical Anglicanism.

The logo could be interpreted as conservative, open and charismatic 'pointers in direction' ... CEEC and NEAC should encompass all three.

...if we move the perimeter circle inwards ... then we have the 'evangelical centre' ie moderate conservative, open and charismatic evangelical Anglicans. ... it is at the centre of the logo where the three 'pointers of direction' converge in commonality.

With that 'dangerous' caveat, it may be worth pondering that amongst Anglicans, there are some extreme conservative evangelicals who are 'six-day creationists'; there are some extreme open evangelicals who see no problem with gay people who are in sexual relationships being consecrated as bishops; there are some extreme charismatics who downplay the medical profession and see demon possession everywhere. These examples, it seems to me, would not be within the 'evangelical centre'. ...

In the end, however, the 'evangelical centre' should be seen more in what it affirms than in what it denies - and for an attempt at that, see the Fulcrum web site.

Written by Canon Dr Graham Kings ( theological secretary of Fulcrum).

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