Can you service the service?

I need help - the advice of others, so if it's not an imposition, I will start to ask my readers for some help sometimes. Afterall we're a community, aren't we? Our All ages service is on 'the two builders' (Rock, sand). I have to give out a quiz/icebreaker activity to the congregation for them to work on as we settle and then I'll provide the answers after. I'm thinking the point of the service is about how we can not build our lives on something shaky - it has to be on the solid foundation of faith in the gospel and our Lord - God, son, spirit.

I'm thinking along the lines of the relationship between our lives and the rock and trying to think up other pairs whereby you can't have one without the other and could the congregation guess the missing half - I'm worried I won't be able to think up enough neat examples. I'm thinking cream on its own in a bowl - no good, but transformed if on a foundation of strawberries, a car, all well and good but will not work without petrol, but that's as far as I've got. It all derives from house - all well and good, but soon sinking if not built on strong foundations and so this is the type of connectedness I'm wanting to capture - can you lot out there suggest any other things so I can turn it all into a quiz. Or have you got any other ideas for a quiz which would work with this idea from Jesus' teachings?


Lynne said...

Mmm ... not sure I'm on the right wavelength, but how about:
A saddle won't work without a horse
a pen won't work without ink (not will a printer)
a planted seed won't grow without water
a milking machine isn't much use without a cow
a light fitting won't do much without a light bulb
a stove won't work unless it's connected to electricity or gas
and (just for fun) a preacher isn't much use without a congregation!

hope one or two of these are useful

Rachel said...

Fantastic Lynne
Thank you so much
and I can add - a balloon not much use without air
a swimming pool - not much use without water

I can now find the graphics and produce the quiz - thank you
God bless


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