Andrew Goddard and the effectiveness of Neac 5

Andrew Goddard at Fulcrum points out how:
For some time there has been concern that CEEC has ceased to be as representative a body within evangelicalism as it has been in the past and CEEC has itself acknowledged that there are issues that need addressing here. Many evangelicals feel strongly that significant changes need to be made if it is to fulfil its stated aims and to accomplish the vision of John Stott and others by assisting evangelical unity. In particular,

· the relationship with evangelical bishops is apparently weak or non-existent

· more conservative networks are strongly represented (eg Reform, Church Society, Latimer Trust, Fellowship of Word and Spirit) and the overlap between membership of CEEC and membership of Anglican Mainstream’s Steering Committee has gradually increased in recent years in a way few people have recognised.

· it has not been able to adapt to the growing number and diversity of evangelical networks

May I strongly urge open evangelicals to voice their concerns and enter the dialogue.

Whilst the voices were gentle they were at least brave in the face of a bullying brother.
See Pluralist which makes for quite ddepressing reading.

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