Will a future 'John Piper', the one who lives in a hundred years time, say about a woman, what he says about a black man and a 'golden moment'?

It gives me lots of food for thought this clip, some of it is encouraging, yes, and he's obviously a guy with passion but the comments he makes about Sarah Palin, so shortly followed as they are, by comments about Barak Obama reduce both of these individuals to caricature - woman & black man. I find his comments on these two candidates very unsettling and somehow ridiculously simplistic - what do you think? Am I being unnecessarily harsh?


jody said...

no, your not being harsh.

women privatised and men in public - that's what john piper is advocating

a softly spoken man, easy to listen to, seems gentle, i warmed to him on this clip, and yet...and yet. the irony that racism is anathema to him, and sexism is God's way for women and men. oh gee.

it is indeed still 'okay' to be sexist and misogynistic, where racism, though still prevalent, is not broadly acceptable.

who will be our tutu, our mandela?

Rachel said...

Hi Jody
Thanks for your comment. I've been reading today 'Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood - A response to Evangelical feminism' Piper and Grudem. It amazes me how the entire book hinges on their translation of just one word - kephale. For them it has to mean 'authority over' and they have to keep stressing this as their defense of male headship - and yet we are, of course, to understand that this is all about essentially a servant attitude. It just doesn't add up somehow. Grudem defends himself with gusto and takes on board every critic of his theory and then finds flaws in their arguments in appendices that go on and on for pages and pages. Joining the antigrudemites international is becoming more and more tempting - I will try to resist! :)

In response to our Tutu or Mandela - I've found Elaine Storkey and Gilbert Bilezikian to be a source of light.


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