Where does God begin and my imagination end or are they fused?

I am imaginative, creative, sensitive. I have incredibly vivid dreams and a good imagination. I'm a bit of a poet, even. During a prayer ministry exercise we prayed in triplets over a fellow student. For one student I saw malleable clay, watery, easy to mold, God molding this person into shape easily - a pliable material. I saw communication with children; a special relationship with a particular child, who would find this person approachable and fun-loving; easy to talk to.; a family with a baby grateful for her ministry. With the other person in the triplet, I saw an ornate gold box opening in the centre on four pyramid shaped hinges, a plush red lining inside and over the prayer-time elapsing, the box was revealing all of the jewels that were in it which we had previously been unable to see - a filling up of the holy spirit and a flowing out of these riches. So where does my imagination end and God begin? What do these things mean? This woman will be pliable in our Lord's hands, gifted in her ministry to children and families particularly, perhaps? She said she's received similar picture before. And this man - is he a source of as yet untapped spiritual riches, he has a wealth of skills to offer and God is slowly opening him up like the beautiful box, maybe? The other lady praying with me said she had seen coal becoming perhaps diamond and he said he'd received this image of a diamond before, many years ago. And so we both saw riches and this idea gathered force. It's all very affirming and encouraging but how much is me and how much is God or is it in fact, that Christians shouldn't separate the two because we have become that temple in which God so richly dwells? Umm - lots to think about.

And for me, from my prayer-partner -an umbrella with lots of colours, each colour a different segment of the umbrella - what is this all about - perhaps the separate areas of my life all uniting together in God's care, under his sheltering protection?

Wow - actually it's just occurring to me - I think this image might be more the parachute that we throw into the air above our heads during Nick's Chicks (my ministry group with the under 5s)- we all love it so much - me included - we look up and it becomes the manna raining down or the very many colours of Joseph's coat or the Holy Spirit coming in wind and fire, depending on which part of the bible we are concentrating on. Thank you Lord - I believe it's you!

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