Something unsettling about Mark Driscoll's theology? I feel it- do you?

Here are some other people who do too.
Inhabitatio dei
Gower Street
Maggi Dawn

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Gfeef said...

I'm afraid I expect nothing less from this man anymore. I heard him talk this summer and say quite plainly some shocking statements of his faith view. I don't agree with his views but i respect that he holds them and some others at that event shared his more extreme viewpoint, though hopefully not his judgementality. He came across as both a powerful preacher and a easy answers guy. for example; "To not have male elders is very popular to those who are not very successful...and...if you ever compromise on that point God's blessing will diminish...you will give up the favor of god and fruitfulness of ministry" not to mention some of the sly comments made though the talks when he described churches in very harsh terms, 'bomb shelters', 'mirrors' of culture, 'parasites' to the community and yet his view of successful church negated the obvious pitfalls of continual church plants (even from cell group size congregations), multi campus ministry and just daft statements like "the more services you offer the more people you reach". His black and white views about a gentle Jesus meek and mild i suspect come as a reaction against the talisman laden 'Jesus' that is sold around the world, but he risks falling into a dangerous position. turning Jesus into a revolutionary of war and not love is often credited as the motivation behind the movements of Judas. I'm thrilled he is bringing people to Christ, and would not wish to discredit his work but at the same time, i wish he would have as clear views on testing against heresy as he does of issues such as church discipline.


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