Learning just to BE does not come naturally to me so I might need to return to these encouragements

These are amongst some of the points made today by Dee Dyers. She is Director of the Christianity and Culture Project, a partnership between St John's College and the University of York, working with universities in the UK and elsewhere to equip students with the Christian understanding necessary to study literature, history and art.

Learn to BE:
As we learn to read our stories, remember God is the co-author! God wants you here to learn. Don't undervalue the present moment. We need to be turning like Moses to the now: to the miracle of the lit bush...We need to be valuing the present moment; living in the now, allow the Bible to speak to you in fresh ways. Moving through life changes the way we come to the Bible. Carry on the conversation. Angela Ashwin describes how we should learn from children for how they live in the present moment. 'we can only love and live now...at this moment...or risk throwing away our lives otherwise...value activities in their own right...[look to children's] ability to be absorbed in the present moment [it] should encourage us. Seek out the intertextuality of our lives – our stories are woven with the stories of other people's lives, of the story of our past, our present and our future and most important of all, this is all woven into God's story of our life in Christ Jesus.


Jane said...

Hey embrace the activist non-being you - isn't that your way of "be"-ing
take care

Rachel said...

Wow - thank you so much - an epiphany moment - I'd never thought about it like this before. You see 'they' keep talking about transformation and so I'm imagining this person I should turn into, forgetting that God made me this way - I do always seem to have to make every minute count and I don't connect well with God by just sitting quietly without any stimulus - in the 'obligatory quiet time' at theological college, I am either reading the Bible or writing my response to it or the words I have just heard in the sermon and I'm praying as I do these things - you're making me realise that perhaps this way of 'be-ing' is okay and maybe then it's okay with God - ah - freedom - thank you so much X


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