Is our current tower of Babel our wranglings over the trinity?

I'm thinking a lot about Babel of late. I wrote to Jane at Stranz blog, who has been thinking about it too and that we must have been pondering this story at about the same time. Yesterday, I looked at this with my under 5s ministry. We used oversized garden Jenga blocks and I expected them to demonstrate perfectly the fact that because we don't communicate successfully with each other, harmony is hard to achieve but they proceeded to build the most perfectly-balanced tower, higher than some of them can reach, without any tantrums or disagreements...

Perhaps it demonstrates that being corporate in our witness and worship, we have much to learn from the 'little children' who seem to trust each other and God better than their grown-up counterparts, who embroil themselves in wrangles and seek to define themselves in opposition to other parties (current conflicts in Anglican communion).

Is one such Babel tower the one which seeks to re-define the trinity? There is certainly a lot of disagreement and fall-out... Hadn't this one been pulled down in the fourth century at Nicea? Why are Christians reconstructing it when it has already been deconstructed? (See ESS post)

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