Again another interesting fulcrum post on a thread about how we define the word 'Evangelical'

Posted by: Simon Heron

In his speech at Reform, now infamous for all sorts of other reasons, Richard Turnbull spoke of the four defining marks of an evangelical.

He described them as being:

  • Supreme authority of Scripture for all matters of faith and conduct
  • Doctrinal marks - of which Substitutionary Atonement is central
  • A personal relationship with a personal God
  • Evangelism (not it seems ‘Mission’)

Rich Burley, now a newly ordained Curate, wrote a blog post describing how David Bebbington, in his book 'Evangelicalism in Modern Britain', writes of the four marks of Evangelicalism as being:

  • Crucicentrism - the centrality of the cross, although not necessarily belief in penal substitution
  • Conversionism - the need for personal conversion
  • Biblicism - the centrality of the bible over tradition and reason, but not necessarily any doctrine of inerrancy
  • Activism - the need to spread the message

With which are you more comfortable and why?

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