Youth launch - exhausting fun

It happened, we had help and let's now hope they (the kids) come back. A friend of mine prayed whilst Youth Group was happening; she came later to help tidy up. She felt the joy of laughter, lots of laughter whilst she was praying and there was laughter! The kids laughed! It's a really difficult age - 11-13 - they're so in-between, so we provided for both ends of the spectrum with silly and energetic games and quite a cool chill out zone, behind turquoise curtains with projected images (via laptop), canvas art, cushions and a bright throw. The lighting and music was great and we served hotdogs which went down well. Now let's just hope they hit on our site and bring their mates.

We introduced Jesus through a number of stills, contrasting the Jesus we had been brought up with - ethereal accompanied by choral hallelujahs (this made them laugh) and the Jesus we understand now - the revolutionary, our saviour; the guy we orientate our lives around. We didn't put them off, reaching the unchurched is a real challenge but we think it went well. Thank you, Lord.


Jane said...

was thinking of you. glad all went well

Rachel said...

Thank you so much Jane - feeling very blessed by your friendship in cyberspace!
love Rachel


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