Will the world end on Wednesday?

On Wednesday, the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) machine will be turned on. Will we have a better understanding of the so-called 'God particle'? For some scientists the most interesting discovery will be in discovering nothing and that this 'God-particle' doesn't exist.

What are the chances that we're ever going to solve the mystery of mass? This cross-road in physics where we want to understand the universe beyond the mystery of mass -to a greater puzzle - why does the universe appear to follow different rules?

Our world obeys certain laws, the universe obeys others. We want to know how many galaxies there are, how the building blocks of these things and forces interact and how they act on matter. Strong force bounds the nucleus at the centre of the atom. Weak force actually allows the sun to shine. Gravity in the everyday world is what holds our galaxy together (gen theory of relativity), the universe can be explained by this but incompatible pictures of the universe appear when the quantum world is described. Einstein wanted one set of equations to work on everything but he couldn't find it. The Theory of Everything still eludes us. We are searching for a cosmic genetic code. Can it be reduced to a single theory? We are continuing to evolve. Nearer to the big-bang the universe was much smaller. It was just small and hot - 'Let there be light'. If we're forever evolving is it asking too much for us to evolve in our thinking too. Jody at Radical Evangelical calls for us to be a new humanity now - the bible insists on it. Molly is actively living it out now that the veil has been drawn back for her.

We understand the mathematical formula for the beauty that existed at the beginning of creation, why do we have such a problem understanding the beauty that the bible describes for what should exist in the relationships between humans?

The machine might discover that the forces in the universe can exist together in harmony. It will explore the earliest moments and whether other dimensions exist in the universe? Is it noble - this 'need to know' - it got us into trouble at the beginning and yet God made us this way.

Before Wednesday why not do something, however small, to further our evolution into that new humanity! Part of this surely has to be that God created us all equal in His sight - that the only headship is under Christ, that there is a beautiful harmony in the trinity and not a subordination of rankings. Peter Kirk is currently re-imagining church without worldly hierarchy and has an interesting post analysing Jesus' take on the type of humanity that we should strive to be.

Well, my husband, with a wry smile, is suggesting it is quite possible but probably unlikely that we might all disappear into some black hole on Wednesday - let's hope that God hasn't despaired too much at the mess we're making of His world and that we might be given further opportunities to spread His rays of light beyond those black holes that we have already managed to create.

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