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I have an update on Lynne who was frustrated by the fact that she couldn't be ordained. I had wondered what she felt was preventing this and here is her answer:

I live in Sydney Australia. I am an Anglican (by choice, that aligns best with my theological beliefs). Elsewhere in Australia the Anglican church ordains women, in Sydney they do not. Not do most other theologically conservative churches in Australia -- the exception being some Pentecostal denominations, and I believe the Baptists, who are a small denomination here, have just a smattering of women pastors. But there are things in their church I would have trouble signing on to to be a pastor. We have far fewer denominations than America does. And, since my husband's job is here and not portable in his professional field, my options are limited. but I believe that God called me to theological training and my own congregation seems to confirm me as a preacher and teacher, so i am just waiting to see what God would have me do.

While the word "feminist" does have negative connotations here in conservative Christian circles, it doesn't seem to be quite as extremely negative as the American situation some of you are describing.

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So her bishop is Jensen - how difficult. She is strikingly gracious about her frustrations isn't she, this is not missed on me!

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