Prayer a real privilege

After the day I've had teaching irony, Macbeth and non-fiction writing devices, being able to start college tomorrow with prayer from 8 until 9 am seems like a blessed privilege. You know teachers do an amazing job - no wonder most of then look so ill. I had forgotten what it was like because I taught in my twenties when I had more energy and no other responsibilities. I had erased from memory what it feels like to skip on loo breaks and food all day because either you're in the middle of teaching a lesson or trying desperately to prepare for one -Oh to be a student again! I'm so looking forward to tomorrow. Having said that the kids (most of them) were fantastic and they made me laugh. It took me a while to adapt and when we were called out and down lots of steps in a fire alarm, first thing, I had to remember that it is only to my own children that I should be saying 'watch the steps, darlings, go carefully': my children are only 3 and 6. Teenagers don't need these vocal cautions, it's a good job I stopped myself from saying this out loud!

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