I'm still thinking today about this amasing and miraculous story of a couple ofdays ago. I have girls the same ages as this family's.


"I just thought I had lost her. Kept saying 'we've got to get her'. Someone was watching over us," Mrs Baxter said.

"It is such a relief that we have her and she is back. When she was lying there in the bed last night, it was such a relief.

"She's a cheeky little monkey, typical three-year-old.

"We just thank God that we have still got Leona and our family intact, just less one dog and if we can find Brophy that would be the best thing in the world, the icing on the cake."

Her husband added: "In such a small space of time it could have been so different."

Leona is now recovering in hospital and is already asking her parents for chocolate and ice cream.

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