A speaker called Jane Bradshaw told us her story of AmaSango this morning. She spoke eloquently and boldly about her relationship with God about how He had shown her that it is in the still moments that sometimes we are able to discern what God wants of our lives - she says that whilst living in obedience to his commands and promises she began to understand that she should change direction. She had been a teacher in South Africa. She took 12 months off which turned into 15 and they carefully prayed for direction as to what she should do with her life in service. At the end of the 15 months she was visited by a vicar who had a proposal for her- he wanted her to set up a school for street children. She spoke of how her whole body shook with adrenalin; her heart about to burst through her chest; her prayers had been answered!

She prayed that God prepare her and equip her for this work and he has done and she explained how she had audibly heard the words from Joel 2:25 'I will restore to you the years that the locust has eaten'.

Jane talked to us about how the locust in these street children's lives is the abuse, the poverty, the drug addiction and neglect that has eaten up their childhoods. God is resoring those lost years through what is happening at Amasango. She spoke powerfully about some of the children's experiences, one boy had threatened to hang himself if they didn't provide him with the money he needed to purchase a cure from a witchdoctor for the curse of ill health that he felt he was suffering. Angry he had run off with this threat hanging in the air. Jane and her college sat and prayed immediately, choosing not to follow him - they would trust in Jesus and the boy returned a few minutes later, wild with anger and stripping off all his clothes saying if you're not going to help me with this i'm giving back to you everything you've given me, I no longer want it and Jane said to him, but we prayed for you and look what Jesus has done - He has bought you back to us, he calmed immediately and accepted their prayers and has spoken since about how that was the moment that changed his life around. When she next spoke with him about his life in depth, he spoke about how he had been free from drugs for 60 days.

To find out more about Jane Bradshaw and the work of Amasango, click here

A poem from my dad was in my maibox when we got back from church:
Sing a song of life for the last of it is short

Sing oh! Sing the song!

Yesterday has already gone

And the day after it, is now

There are split seconds in every minute

And the way we live is how.

So sing! As if tomorrow

Was the last to be led

For tomorrow hasn't happened

And the day before that you may be dead.

So, worry not about the future

The present is the only time

And you may see the wonders

When you have found the line

So sing!!

written by


Jane found her line from Joel 2:25, she worried less then about her future and like my dad's poem, wow can this lady sing - when Jane sings, she sings with her whole body and doesn't seem like the sort of person to miss a minute.

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