God knows what He's doing when he gives us our gifts

If it's difficult for for us to worship our God, with passion and exuberance because perhaps we aren't free to do so for whatever reason, God finds a way for us to release our praise, I think.

I was explaining this morning (in that great space where I can speak of such things) how sometimes I feel like a bottle of champagne (I know, how elegant) with its cork too tightly holding in the contents. Now, as a personality type, I'm quite a 'spiller' anyway - I don't hide my emotions but I think I used to, and Alpha helped me to be 'more-me'. It's also quite British, of course, for us to repress our emotion. In some parts of the world people are actually persecuted for any displays of worship.

Well, I think we can just use the gifts that God has given us to express our love for Him (sometimes quietly, subtly, almost secretly, He'll always find a way for us), so I write (now I've been healed of the poetry-block) and I can't play an instrument and so I sing and loudly and everywhere but mostly in my car and ...

you know... some of us play the violin just absolutely exquisitely...! X

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