Dream of 10/09

Three clerics are standing talking in a doorway - they have white frocks on and black shirts and dog collars, their frocks are more exuberant than usual in that I can't see their feet. Two of them are women and one is a man and they are are youthful and pleasant looking - I think they're students. I am standing at a window, high up, my hand against the pane, staring at them and wishing I was also in that doorway but I'm not. I have to stay in the room.

I'm on a journey by coach and the man at the front with the mike, he's dressed in jumper and trousers, hands me the BCP but it's in impossibly small print but I feel so honoured that he wants me to read it to everyone on the coach and I think I'm going to burst with happiness. I don't know what to read but he shows me where to start and I see there are little directions in brackets pointing me to the next place from where I should read but it is still impossibly small. There is a comforting presence my my side and she puts her arm around me, I know she will help me and simultaneously we both reach into our bags and by some coincidence pull out identical copies of a Gideon copy of the new Testament, small and bound in burgendy leather: the one I was given at school. We'll read from here instead; the text is bigger and she will help me to find the right places - and I feel calm and excited and so blessed to have been asked to do this.


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Deborah said...

What a nice dream! Sounds like God is going to use you in an alternative way to carry His kingdom. I'm American, so "coach" I think means train? Some sort of group ministry, perhaps even "training" others. Trains can be united churches or movements in the move of God--impetus of others there on the same track even if it seems self-contained in group. Dog collars? Could be attacks--bites--from clergy. Just some thoughts. Deb


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