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Over at Jane's blog, she points our attention to: Lectio difficilior.
I will explore this journal and let you know when I've found out how to get an English translation of their article: The current edition has a lead article by Hans Christoph Aurin on "Your urge shall be for your husband". I've only GCSE French so that's not going to help much.

Yes, you can download as a pdf and there is an English translation provided.

Jane points attention to what sounds like an interesting project:
Our own Geneva feminist theology group begins again next month and we've more or less put the whole of the past 4 years work online via a Wordpress blog and are hoping to record and make podcasts of some of this year's sessions. More about that at our launch. Watch her site for updates.


Jane said...

thanks for the link Rachel
I think Aurin's article should be there in English.
One of the intereseting thing about blogging is that it helps small local groups have a rather larger impact. there's so little in French about feminist theology and it wil be good if our group can begin to link others together who are doing similar things. We'll see - everything needs to be maaintained and I may soon have to many blogs to actually be able to cope with!
Loved teh piece on SIFT hermeneutics - thanks for that-
Take care

Rachel said...

Thanks for your post Jane. Strange - I was only talking about you today with my mum and dad, mentioning your very down-to-earth, and because of this, inspiring attitude, to MS. My dad lives with MS too and his Christian faith impacts the way he lives with it hugely, not to say he doesn't have his wobbles but God and a positive mental attitude (God-given) keep him strong.

I'll look into Aurin's article.

love Rachel


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