Has he got a point? What is the answer? I'm baffled if I can work it out! Re Anglican Mainstream comment.


It's made me think


Through the course of this blog, I've been trying to sharpen my own feelings on certain issues. My husband, who sits beside me as I blog, working on his laptop - I know - we're a bit weird aren't we? Anyway, we talk about these things a lot - he asked me about the women in ministry point - how was it going? etc and you know I must admit, it took me a while to remember that this was the prompt for the birth of this blog. I feel like this one has been settled for me. I've worked through it; it is a secondary issue, as it's called. Of course ,that doesn't mean it's not important but I'm at peace in my mind, as I should be, but really I am, with those who disagree. I'm confident enough in my own position now to move forward more in love and less with a feeling of having to defend my position. I rest back in it and breathe deeply, happy that women have been accepted into the episcopate, knowing that for some Christians it will always be a sticking point but I have my eyes fixed ahead and not behind me - Jesus beckons...

But on the whole 'issues in human sexuality' thing, it is with a real sense of shock, as I've just revealed to my husband, that it's dawning on me that 'duh, duh, duh' - I can't help but feel that I'm rather 'conservative' about this one - with a small 'c' - you see just when I congratulate myself on some liberal thinking - I do little things that reveal the conservative in me. If the girls watch a film as they sometimes do, I sit with them but catch up on church news etc on my laptop at the same time - I found myself quickly scrolling away from the word homosexual today because my 6 year old, who is very good at reading already might have asked questions. I don't want to have to answer her...yet - am I a coward? Am I conservative? I think churches should be totally inclusive but I do have a problem with gay marriage in a church - would we take the girls ?- I don't think we would. My husband agrees with me. We can't help but feel that God intends for us to be a man and a woman in a marriage to love each other and bring forth children.

The other day I went on a walk with the girls and they asked about their brains - wow said the eldest - I've got these wiggly grey things that make up my brain and my brain helps me to do things - is that right mummy? And then poignantly - mummy is my brain a girl? I explained that she's a girl and so her brain is a girl to which my three year old asked whether her brain was a boy brain or a girl brain. We then talked about how sometimes brains get mixed up and they get put in the wrong bodies and they didn't seem to have a problem with the idea of a girl brain accidently ending up in a boy's body or vice - versa - now we left it there and the converstaion changed, until one of them asked what can be done if your brain is the wrong one, to which I explained that sometimes people have operations to make their bodies match their brains and they seemed to think that this was a very logical and reasonable way of dealing with this problem. We're bringing our girls up to be loving and understanding and embrace and accept difference, but of course we're also modelling and promoting traditional marriage so I guess you know, however liberal we think we are, there is something really very orthodox about our views - I do believe in the supremacy of scripture and I think God knew what he was doing when he created us -man and woman. so does this mean I agree with Lambeth 1.10? Perhaps I'd better look at it (1.10) again and in more detail.

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