I've been contacted today by the people at the Catholic website I introduced you to a few days ago and they make some very interesting points, a few of which are here.

The Roman Catholic Church is in the grip of a rigid, masculine, patriarchal system of control, proclaiming a monopoly over the image of God, insisting, “Only a male can represent Christ at the Eucharist.” Yet, with a renewal of social awareness, men and women are waking up to the intolerable absence of women equally with men, as representatives of Christ presiding at the Eucharist. They are saying, “I’m sure this is not what Jesus wanted or God wants now!”

Meanwhile, we can rejoice and celebrate with praise and thanksgiving, the decision of the Church of England to press on towards the ordination of women as bishops! In spite of the inevitable, negative, kneejerk reaction to this decision in Rome, the Church of England has given a lead which can only stimulate continuing dialogue about the place of women in the Catholic Church.

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