Trust Rowan, please!

I have found it difficult listening to the recent slating of our ABoC both locally and nationally. I know Reform aren't impressed by the chap, they had written to the PM prior to his consecration as ABoC with their concerns. So many people seem to mistrust the press and seek context and precision in so many cases and yet seemed to believe all the hearsay about his allegedly wanting to establish Sharia law etc. You only have to be half intelligent to understand the point he was making. It would seem that many people are only too happy to write him off as a liberal when again it's just not that simple. So he's changed things a bit with his indabas and small group studies but look it is working:

“You might be surprised to hear that we haven’t suddenly reached consensus. The problems haven’t been solved,” said Archbishop Aspinall. However, he said, there has been a different “tone of engagement” with the issue compared to the last conference in 1998. “Ten years ago, people were distressed at some of the reactions to some of the things that were said. There were occasions when bishops actually booed and hissed what other bishops said in the gathering; 2008 is dramatically different.” He said that in his own indaba group “bishops from both ends of the spectrum on this issues actually embraced each other and thanked each other for helping them understand better what was at stake in the issues.”

Catch up with the rest of the report at Anglican Mainstream.

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