Take the challenge. I can see it now. Are we going to be asked to pass the taste test. Might our tastes be too 'post-modern' - well - we're out. Which is sweeter? I like the Church the way it used to be, people might say. Ah but that all depends on how far you go back, will be the reply. The New Church of England might just leave a very bitter taste in your mouth, if you sign up to FOCA and then realise what you've let yourself in for.

As Paul Handley describes in The Church times in his article 'Hammered out: a new test of faith?' 4th July 08

The GAFCON leadership has not yet given any indication how the Jerusalem Declaration might be used, beyond describing it as the basis for their fellowship of confessing Anglicans. It might thus be described as the gateway to acceptance by the conservative Anglicans, and the test of faith for provinces, dioceses, and congregations alike... It is conceivable, then, that the Declaration will become a new test of faith.

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