A Response comes this way from The Times blog 'Articles of faith' Ruth Gledhill

I must admit I feel a bit nervous about my post below. I'm not normally so cheeky and like to do things in a spirit of gentleness and love. If you see the image 'Meet the focas' gone in a few days, you'll know why. On this note though I was pleased to receive this reply to a comment I made in The Times blog. It helps me to feel that I'm not losing my gentleness. You see I have been secretly peeking at Father David Heron's blog and perhaps fear I'm becoming a little braver. I'll try to resist - it might make me go blind!

Ayway here's what happened at The Times in response to Ruth Gledhill's reporting onJuly 01, 2008
'Trads threaten walk-out over women'

Please don't think that the Bible prohibits women in ministry. It clearly doesn't. How could God will half his creation to not lead others to Jesus. Please see my blog where I offer interpretation and resources on these issues. Women should not be silenced, neither should men when spreading the beautiful truth of Salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Posted by: Rachel | 1 Jul 2008 15:01:23

Dear Rachel, I am not a Christian, but I was struck by your gentle post, which is the very antithesis of the overbearing and harmful gender attitudes expressed by some of the super-pious.

I have always believed that faith is a personal thing and it amuses me to note that some people here rank themselves nearer to God than others, or think they can achieve anything at all through stubborn entrenchment.

They are all tipping themselves out of the cart on their crazy journey, whilst furiously asserting that some are more worthy travellers than others.

Posted by: George Parr | 1 Jul 2008 16:53:46

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Anonymous said...

You must follow in my holy ways and become much ruder.
The Fockers will stop at nothing to take over.
One of the best ways to deal with a focker is to laugh at them, although they've made themselves look pretty ridiculous already!
When you have an Australian Archbishop who has the face of a kangaroo as Leader it's pretty hysterical!


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