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Just before I ask. I keep coming up against the idea of a 'bruised reed' at the moment. It's just happened again. I was looking for an image and there were the words bruised reed. I'm drinking a cup of tea from my Lee Abbey mug, I painted it whilst I was there at Easter and what have I painted - reeds. I'm reading quite a few books at the moment, you know, all at the same time, as you do, it's in those books too. Anyway, if anyone can help me to understand its significance, I'd be grateful.

If you don't mind, I'll post prayer requests every now and then and always introduce them with the same image, so you know where they are. The image is one of my dad's paintings. He is the same chap as the one on the left with the non-profit making invention for the disabled. My dad could very definitely have a type of ministry through his art and we are always working hard to encourage him to paint so that he might try to balance out the stresses of a business that is actually very tiring and doesn't pay him anything - well, financially that is - he receives other fruits!

He painted this picture for a lady called Lynn and this is his prayer request that I'm sharing with you all.

Dear all
Gran has a great friend called Lynne, who lives nearby and needs your prayers as she is going into hospital with cancer of the face and throat. I have had a great relationship with her, she is Welsh and speaks with a Welsh lilt, and a lot of humour. At Mum's request she wanted me to give her a copy of the painting which you look at and it seems that it really has been a God given experience for me to paint it. Lynne has great belief & realises that God shows himself to us through nature as well as in millions of other ways as long as we can see His "colour".

Lots of love
Dad xxx

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