The post below highlights how we all interpret mission differently. We all interpret the Bible differently too and in The Church Times today, ++Williams argues that these differences are what makes us the Church that we are:
"The model of diffused authority was part of the essence of Anglicanism: “If we did have a tight central model, we would cease to be the kind of Church we have always set out to be.” Our church can encompass a diversity of viewpoints, without any one view undermining the basis of scriptural authority.

Tom Wright, in an interview for radio, talks about how he disapproves of a “We’ll tell you how it is, we’ll tell you what the Bible means, here it is, boom-boom. No questions to be asked" mentality. Instead people ask questions and answer questions, they say, "we will answer that, we will go to those historical sources and we’ll show that we can actually do this ...”...I see the model for that as Jesus’ dialogue with doubting Thomas. That Thomas comes and says “Here, I want some hard evidence , I want to be able touch and I want to be able to see”. And Jesus doesn’t say to him “Oh you silly boy, you know, you shouldn’t ask for touching and seeing, you know , go out of the room until you’re prepared to come back with a better question”. .. He says “be my guest. Bring your finger here and touch my hands”...

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