Earlier I brought you the reactions of Rowan Williams and Tom Wright. Here are some more reactions:

The Bishop of Southwark
Dr Tom Butler, described GAFCON as a gathering of “militant, fundamentalist, Evangelical Anglicans”.

“It maintains that there is a north/south division...The majority of African Primates were not there, and the language of the manifesto would be anathema to ... figures such as Desmond Tutu.

“Reading the manifesto, you would form the impression that the other Anglicans had moved away from the core beliefs of the Church, grounded in scripture. This, too, is nonsense.”

The Bishop of Newcastle, New South Wales. Australia
Dr Brian Farran is unsure about whether to continue a diocesan relationship with Sydney and Archbishop Peter Jensen.

In the Sydney Morning Herald, he said: “It is difficult to see how someone setting [up] a movement within the Communion can function as a leader of the Anglican Communion in Australia and maintain the kind of relationships that are functional in the Anglican Church.”

Inclusive Church
Canon Giles Goddard said that the GAFCON statement “misunderstood the nature and spirit of Anglicanism, . . . which takes its authority from scripture, reason and tradition.

“...The arbitrary creation of a ‘Primates’ Council’ without legitimacy or authority cuts directly across the Anglican Instruments of Communion...

“The statement represents... a schismatic document which seeks to re-form Anglicanism in a way which is without justification historically and ecclesiologically.”

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