John Richardson returns from his honeymoon reflective about the Church of England

John is now to 'learn to be a husband' or so he describes, which might mean his blogging takes a back seat. I'm curious as to what 'learning to be a husband' might entail. It throws up some interesting ideas for me - did I consciously learn how to be a wife on marrying my husband when I was 25 yrs old, did he think about how he was going to 'be' a husband. I'm not sure we actually consciously practised a new role. We were just the people we always were but now under one roof, working as a team for common goals with our dreams and ideals and philosophies shared and sometimes not shared, and when they weren't, we were two people talking, compromising and loving each other through all of the situations life threw at us, planning food, home, careers, children, where to fellowship and when, what to spend and why and for what purpose and how to manage life so that peace, happiness and closeness to the people around us and each other might prevail. I remember the novelty of a new name being very exciting, that I loved the security of our nest, locking the doors at night with us inside and the world out there. I remeber finding the word 'wife' quite strange - it made me imagine a stereo-type which I didn't think I conformed to. 8 years on - we still occasionally become self-conscious of our roles but really we play-act and joke about these things - 'well, like a good wife should' he says, but always with a wry smile on his face, 'come-on, you're the man' I say, but again in jest - we're a team and we'll always be a team and that word, simple and unacademic as it is best sums up our marriage - a loving team.

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