Invitation to Rome declined!


Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor has commented on how losses for the CofE might be gains for Rome:

"...short of divine intervention - which is always possible - it seems quite likely that evangelicals in the CofE will go their own way. Some 1,300 Anglo-Catholics, at the other end of the spectrum, said this week that they might consider going over to Rome but at present they are thinking up ever more ingenious ways to avoid women bishops by arranging for their own episcopal oversight. I'm inclined to ask: “Why bother?” The Catholic Church is the natural home for Anglo-Catholics."

And commenting on those he's already received, he said,

"All of those that I know really do seem to have come home. And why wouldn't they? If they want authority, it's there. If they are looking for the holy Catholic and Apostolic Church of the creed, this is the historic embodiment of it. ...On the downside, the newcomers would have to forgo the wonderful physical fabric of the CofE. There is less liturgical loveliness than they are used to - but the Pope is trying to put that right. If the Church of England is bent on tearing itself apart, it is sad for the nation. But the options now for intelligent conservative clergy are to head for the long grass - or Rome."
Somehow, I can imagine that this invitation be unsurprisingly declined!

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