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Anglicans unmasked - some in tears, some feeling abandoned and unloved, one who thinks that the Church of England cares not one jot about God and is 'functionally atheist'. The Bishop of Fulham, on Newsnight last night, looked confused and defeated and appeared to be talking rubbish. All this because at last women are to be recognised as human beings and Synod has not made provision for the precious few who are so sensitive they regard themselves as a special case. These people are supposed to be guides and mentors; community leaders who otherwise desperately seek to be taken seriously in an increasingly secular society. Some of them are sitting in the House of Lords.

Well nobody died, certainly not Christianity. All that has happened is a degree of reform has been achieved, and in the doing those who wanted it all their own way didn't get it and were surprised to find that they were not as important as they imagined.

I think you're right George, there are huge melodramas. I've been following a fulcrum thread on the issues as well, which is interesting and a lot more civilised than some of the 'hysterical' reactions anglo-catholics and cons trad.s are making to the synod result at The TimesOnline blog.

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