In response to angry comments to The Telegraph article Archbishop of York accuses Church of England of 'wasting time' I have posted the following

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The language in these comments is angry and hateful. Or it is based on half-truths that are being advertised as full truths. The women issue does not relate to the homosexual issue at all. One is about gender and the other is about sex. Women only want to serve Christ and their neighbour. Our Lord turned his world upside down doing much to unsettle the prejudices of those first Jewish males who prayed to God thanking him that they had not been born slaves, women or gentiles. Jesus and St Paul (althouh he's very misunderstood) did so much to lift women out from the traditional yoke of their day. Mary (Mary & Martha) sat at Jesus' feet as his pupil in the male part of the house to learn from him, she assumed the position of someone learning from their rabbi, this is why her sister was so outraged by her behaviour, not because she wouldn't help with the washing up! Jesus said she was doing the right thing. Women will similarly kneel in consecration at the Alter saying 'here I am to worship, here I am to bow down, here I am to say that you're my Lord' and they are able to do that just as much as any man because they are valued just as much by God.

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