I like this from Lucy Winkett in The Independent

I believe passionately that women and men should represent Christ in sacramental ministry and I hope that today the General Synod will remove the barriers that prevent women from becoming bishops. I hope it is done decisively and with generosity towards those of a different opinion. I hope too that FOCA, newly constituted, will be very careful about its rhetoric in a volatile world.

To disagree is not wrong, and we should not be afraid of it, because ultimately, whatever is decided at conferences and meetings, the Anglican Communion is not a multinational with a board and a chief executive; it is part of the body of Christ, and I am bound by my baptism to every other Christian, whatever their views about me or anyone else. Every soul in these islands has someone to pray for them, and it is here that the Church of England lives and breathes; in the deep and genuine desire of people with differing theological views, and in different circumstances, to live lives marked by compassion, forgiveness and love. It doesn't get any simpler than that.

Lucy Winkett is canon of St Paul's Cathedral

I feel the same way, which is why I am happy to enter into dialogue with the likes of John Richardson of Anglican Mainstream. As was said last week 'Holy communication is part of Holy Communion'.

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