Oh John - why the gun? Didn't you think it was a bit too 'Alpha male'? or am I just reading too much into things?
I have to admit I've become rather fond of John Richardson over at Anglican Mainstream via Ugley vicar blog. If I ever do minister in the CofE in an ordained capacity, he would, whilst being opposed to women priests in theory, I'm sure be really rather pleasant towards me. He expresses himself gently and intelligently and I can't help feeling rather sorry for him tonight- he sounds very dejected about what he thinks might be the realistic progress of Gafcon. You know if I'd been at Gafcon, which I can happily say, I wouldn't have been, but let's imagine for a moment I had, I can imagine now feeling like I'd just been to the best party of my life. It would have been a party with singing, dancing and all God-directed (always the best kind of parties) with fellowship and excitement about the exposure I had to brothers and sisters from different cultures and to the land and culture of Jesus' birth. It would have been an amazing event. Not only this, but the buzz from being in union with the like-minded, exposed to the persuasive and uplifting rhetoric of those famous salesmen for the traditionalist cause, if I was a traditionalist, which i am not, I would have been euphoric.

'Coming home' must be awful. You can't quite recapture what you just had; it must seem like a dream. You realise that actually everything is going to go on as before - there's no exciting break-away group to join. You aren't the heroic defenders of the faith; those champions who have 'saved' the 'lost' - what a 'come-down'.

Poor John! To be honest, he expresses himself in a much more godly way, be he a little misguided, when compared to people with whom perhaps I share views about inclusive church and women in the Episcopate. Some of these voices do very little to help the cause. I won't mention them by name, because I believe we should only 'build each other up' but they know who they are.

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