Gillian Henwood amendment lost

We're now on to Canon Dr Christina Baxter CBE (Principle of St John's)!
From Ruth Gledhill:

Img00057Procedural motion lost and debate on Christina's motion is continuing. But procedural motion to stop debate wasn't by houses, so v difficult to read synod just at the moment. Andrew Dow of Gloucester noted that in spite of the vote by houses, more people had actually supported Packer's motion than voted against it.

Rev Rob Munro of the Chester diocese said the church had moved position. A code would be judged by a secular tribunal. 'I am concerned about the violation of inegrity... I am left with this dilemma. It would be political for me to support Dr Baxter's amendment because that would give me a greater level of protection.' But his conscience would not allow him to accept the code. He pleaded with the synod to work out 'how loyalty might be maintained in the face of illegitimacy.

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