FEAR OR FREEDOM edited by Simon Burrow

'Can we consciously and as a matter of policy exclude any member of the Body of Christ without damaging the whole? When I kneel side by side with someone whose construction of family looks redically different from mine, I witness to a god whose ways are not our ways, whose judgements cannot be limited by our finite understanding, whose generosity and creativity must not be circumscribed to our tiny hearts and minds.

Our decision to include all forms of family in the community of God may be disguided. Some configurations of family may be tares in the wheat of God's kingdom. But if, as Gamaliel said in Acts 5:38, "the plan or this undertaking is of human origin it will fail; but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them." If we condemn, we contravene God's own commandments. The sure knowledge we have is that if we err on the side of generosity and magnanimity, we do not stray far from the nature of God, and we have a sure claim on God's forgiveness.'

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