Thank God for conversation! I am now almost completing one month's worth of blogging. I've had such interesting experiences. I just want to thank the following people for entering into dialogue with me, either by visiting me to continue off-line or my emailing me or by blogging in response. Thank you Canon Christopher Hall of Open Synod Group and the Timli-oi foundation, Carol Chatz of 'Women in Ministry at 'Strive to Enter'; CPAS's Rosie Ward, Vicars and friends both local to where I live and two miles down the road, my mum and dad and dearest Gran, who at 93 continues to be most definitely a 'Radical Evangelical'; my Aunt who visited yesterday and spoke with me for hours about our similar visions of an inclusive Church; and all fellow bloggers in the circle of chat I've got caught up in: Peter Kirk of Gentle Wisdom, Rev John Richardson of Anglican Mainstream, Jody at Radical Evangelical, Adrian Worsfield of Pluralist Speaks, Madeline Bassett and Simon Barrow writer of 'Fear or Freedom'. Thank you for helping me to grow!

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