Breaking News from J Wynne-Jones Religious affairs correspondent for The Telegraph

Jonathan Wynne-Jones, Religious Affairs Correspondent for The Telegraph describes how gay clergy will be barred from the episcopacy:

The proposal to ban future consecrations is the most significant move yet over the issue.The paper, which was commissioned by Dr Rowan Williams, will be debated by 650 bishops tomorrow at the Lambeth conference...(if they're in agreement then rebel churches could be expelled)

The paper, "How do we get from here to there?", stresses that it is vital that an Anglican Covenant be agreed so that churches around the world are mutually accountable and united by a common set of beliefs...

...the American and Canadian churches must refrain from consecrating more homosexual bishops and carrying out blessing services for same-sex couples, the paper says. If they do not, they will face being pushed to the margins of the communion and find themselves excluded from the councils that are central to the governance of the Church.

The African churches, which oppose having practising homosexuals in the clergy, will be told that they must stop intervening in the affairs of other churches as their actions are deepening the rift. Nigerian and Ugandan archbishops have taken control of dozens of parishes in America and Canada opposed to a liberal agenda...

The Rt Rev John Saxbee, the Bishop of Lincoln, said that he supported dialogue, but was opposed to the idea of a covenant. "We need to be a broad Church offering hospitality to everyone," he said.

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