WOW - strong words from George Pitcher on GAFCON

GAFCON is happening as I blog, its Bishops are boycotting Lambeth, they can't share communion with gay Bishops. They hope to fom an alliance - a new conservative fellowship- they hope to break-away from the Church of England, or if not perhaps at least Reform it from within (capital R on purpose). George Pitcher thinks he's uncovered what GAFCON is really all about:

It is an unholy alliance of Anglican interests that want to replace post-reformational dialogue and mutual tolerance with an authoritarian catechistic power that dictates from its centre what it means to be an Anglican.

And it’s an unholy alliance because African primates are at once complaining about American imperialism in their continent, while taking American protestant fundamentalists (and their money) into the Gafcon cause.

When innocently duped bishops, such as Dr Michael Nasir-Ali, Bishop of Rochester, discover the truth – that it is a straightforward power play to replace the pluralist Anglican Communion with a rigid and narrow new orthodoxy dictated from Africa – they will be disappointed.

These are seriously strong words. The more I look into all this - the uglier it becomes!

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