Questions about your faith? Or 'New Global Anglican Fellowship' thingy!

Quite often we're asked: 'Are you religious?' It's an awful thing to be asked. But we know what people mean. I usually say 'no but I believe in God' I say that just to be awkward. People usually get that and smile. They then ask 'C of E'? and 'yes' is my reply - sighs of relief usually ensue - they get that. Quite often you're then told about their wedding day or the fact they've just had a baby christened or something like that, sometimes you're told about their church and either how awful it is or how good it is and that's just great.

From now on conversations such as the one above are going to get more complicated and go something more like this:

'Are you religious?'
'no but I believe in God'
'C of E'?
'em, not sure'
'not sure?'
'Yeh, dunno, I'm thinking of joining that "new global Anglican fellowship" thingy instead.
'Oh, right !?*

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