MY DAD contributes

There is something within our worldwide church which we lack - and that is
humanity made up of women influencing men and men influencing women. It
seems all one way, and I'll tell you this - that when at last we see both
views - the people who follow His Word will grow enormously, because they
are made up of both - not one.
Yes - Jesus had taken on a man's image but His gift for us covered both male
and female ie human. Has mankind misconstrued God's word in some respects
by putting too much of a male influence on His Words ?
I sometimes wonder if my understanding is too simple and therefore
uncluttered, and at other times I am glad it is.

Love you Dad.
I benefited so much from witnessing at first hand a marriage that was based on giftings and callings and not gender assumptions - how formative. Love you mum and dad.

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