It is with interest that I will keep up with all that goes on at Lambeth this year. I want my belief that women should be able to preach and be bishops, to be recognised as an 'integrity'. I believe in the supremacy and inerrancy of scripture. Scripture, in my view, does not prohibit women in ministry positions. In response to Rev Richardson, ugley vicar comments about the single clause option, Peter Kirk of Chelmsford made this point:
"If it's not OK to exclude traditionalists from the episcopacy, how can it be OK to exclude women? After all, at least some women have "views [which] are consistent with its understanding of the faith." (I am one such woman.)

I am happy to recognise your "integrity" if you recognise mine, which means fully recognising women as bishops, even if you personally don't receive their ministry. If you can't recognise my "integrity" as a valid alternative but threaten to leave the church if it is accepted, why should I recognise yours?

I feel this way too. Surely, the church will be worse off for the losses which ever way they fall!

The Act of Synod declares that ‘the integrity of differing beliefs and positions concerning the ordination of women to the priesthood should be mutually recognised and respected’, this is so needed!

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