Is this amended? If so - how? More on this when I've looked into it.

Those who aren't in favour of Women in the Episcopate like 'Forward in Faith', hold to the word 'ought' - so that they can opt out of ministry from a woman. It is exhortary and not mandatory they argue.

Church Times article Disputed parts of Anglican Covenant redrafted by Pat Ashworth Feb 08

A new covenant has been drawn up which seems to loosen the Church's foundations on the 39 articles; each church now “professes the faith which is uniquely revealed in the holy scriptures . . . and which is set forth in the catholic creeds, and to which the historic formularies of the Church of England bear significant witness”.

...bear significant witness". - interesting!

Contentious phrases such as “biblically derived moral values” have gone. Churches are now committed to upholding and proclaiming “a pattern of Christian theological and moral reasoning and discipline that is rooted in and answerable to the teaching of holy scripture and the catholic tradition and reflects the renewal of humanity and the whole created order. . .”

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